Operational Effectiveness

For any company, continued operational efficiency and managing performance is critical considering competitive environment leading to lower margins and ROIs on key organizational resources like sales force, promotional, CRM efforts and dollars. Stratycon team will work closely with key stake holders on client side; combine it with competitive benchmarking information, measurement and optimization techniques to set goals, processes, and measure results of critical marketing activities.

  • KPI Goal Setting, Process Development & Tracking
  • Sales Force Effectiveness: Measuring quantitative and qualitative variables to identify what needs improvement and where sales force is doing well
  • Segmentation & Targeting: This exercise will help clients segment the market, characterize it based on variables relevant to business and develop segment specific targeting plan that increases probability of higher returns.
  • Promotional Response Modeling: Identify how promotional investment has provided return in the past and how it will shape in the future; allows what-if analysis and eases budget allocation process.
  • ROI Analysis: Evaluate Return on Marketing Investment and identify areas where it could be enhanced and marketing dollar headings that are giving diminishing utility.