Business Research

Market Opportunity Assessments

  • Assessing market opportunity for specified products or indications using a mix of desk and primary research techniques.
  • Apart from addressing project specific objectives, opportunity assessments cover analysis of epidemiology, patient flows, current clinical practices, outcomes of current treatment options, unmet needs, pipeline landscapes, treatment benchmarks and future outlook.
  • Comprehensive yet with quick access to relevant key insights and conclusions in a well laid out executive presentation with detailed supporting information as backup.
  • On request, Stratycon team will present key findings, conclusions and recommendations through WebEx/Office Live Meeting or on-site. Even after the project closure, team will be available to address any queries.

Business Environment Scanning & Analysis

  • Scanning most pertinent information that affect business from vast collection of subscribed and public domain sources.
  • Organizing mined information into relevant groups like technology/developments, commercial, regulatory/legal and demand factors and into action relevant groups like threats and opportunities.
  • Validation of key facts through triangulation from multiple sources; analyze variables, forecast to publish likely impact of key trends on client’s business or specific areas of interest.
  • Outline relevant scenarios for critical variables and likely outcomes in order to assist in strategic planning and preparedness.

Exploratory Research (Primary, Desk Research)

  • Most of the time, new projects start with a preliminary set of high-level questions, answering only that may not be sufficient to take decisions, this is when exploratory research becomes relevant.
  • Stratycon team understands client’s requirement to comprehend a new disease area or a geographical market or a product-opportunity and starts with a broad set of questions relevant for business/situation; further progressing based on answers to these in a drill-down fashion.
  • By combining both desk and primary research and involving experts in the field, we ensure our clients get complete perspective and flag any aspects that need further research or requires validation based on bigger studies. Key facts are analyzed and presented in a manner that enables clear choice for next-steps.

Competitor Profiling & Benchmarking

  • Identifying competitors based on activity in relevant business segments, intensions/plans.
  • Profiling top competitors considering their level of activity and threat each of their activity/plans/intensions pose to client’s business. E.g. development pipeline and likelihood of success, portfolio focus of competitors, licensing/collaboration deals, acquisition, cost-cutting measures etc.
  • Analyzed with great depth and presented with simplicity to enable client’s focus on competitive threats that are of high-impact and of closer timelines in effect.
  • We will also identify and analyze cases from the past in ways other firms have acted for similar competitive threats and present recommendations.

Exploratory Research (Primary, Desk Research)

  • For any new product development, setting benchmarks that are relevant to customers and also surpass competitive products in pipeline (that are set to launch in future) is a crucial exercise.
  • Stratycon team will conduct intense desk and primary research combined with expert opinions and product specific technical research to arrive at ‘Target Product Profile’ that is relevant and feasible from commercial as well as clinical perspectives.
  • Target product profile is tested with target audience for their feedback and an iterative process is followed for refining the same.