Our consulting engagements involve adaptive and collaborative approach to deliver solutions. During the engagement, close collaboration and ongoing interaction between Stratycon team and key side stake holders ensure that we understand client specific concerns while maintaining unbound thinking. Business Development & Licensing work is completed within very short timelines and under higher priority to ensure that an opportunity for our client is never forgone due to lack of time for evaluation.

Business Development & Licensing:

  • Identifying, screening and shortlisting products that meet specified criteria (therapeutic segment, development stage, exclusivity period, likely type of deal, clinical profile, USPs etc.)
  • Evaluating opportunities based on attractiveness of its market, strategic fit with client’s portfolio, objectives, and resource availability; clinical due diligence and relevance to future market scenario based on KOL opinions, quantitative primary research
  • Establish a financial value by forecasting sales, costs and assessing risks (analyzing decision trees and real options).
  • Preparation of commercially attractive sell-out(divestment) / out-licensing material (pitch) for products (inline & pipeline) that need to be out-licensed or divested

Portfolio Assessment and Optimization:

  • Assessing future revenue gaps & answering crucial questions – are there products to replace expected revenue loss of key inline products? What will be the cash flow lag & impact on future EBIT?
  • Assess life cycle management options (new indications, LEs...) for inline as well as pipeline products that could fill revenue void and drive revenue growth.
  • Identify, evaluate & prioritize valid options available to address upcoming revenue gaps while considering company’s resource capabilities, timing of revenue gap, impact on earnings and stake holder expectations.

Revenue Forecasting & Financial Modeling (R&D & Inline)

  • Stratycon team has expertise in revenue forecasting for new as well as inline products. New product forecasting is performed using patient flow based approached for market build up followed by comprehensive analysis of unmet needs and competitive environment. Peak penetration levels and an uptake pattern is established based on analogue analysis and/or through KOL interviews and/or a full-scale quantitative conjoint study based on target product profiles. Stratycon team works collaboratively with client and recommends best method considering budget, time and data constraints.
  • We use time series and market event based approaches to forecast sales of inline products. Stratycon develops customized sales projection models with self learning capabilities (as more data becomes available, the forecast accuracy increases).
  • Model what-if scenarios to assess effect of change in promotional investment or launch of new products or new sales promotion orders for client’s as well as key competitor’s products as appropriate.
  • After the forecast, financial value for the product is established based on cost outlays under various heads for development, manufacturing, sales & marketing, royalties, developmental risks/decision tree analysis as appropriate for pipeline and inline products.